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Unitas is a software development company that has been creating innovative IT solutions since 1995 working with some of the leading companies in various industries and in particular the Agri-food sector and Public sector. These organisations include the NHS, over 500 schools, UK largest feed supplier, poultry producers, egg packers, rendering plants, beef producers and distribution companies.

Our clients recognise the value that can be achieved by Unitas Software development expertise and software platforms that connect users, capture data, automate processes and measure results.

The Unitas team delivers solutions directly with our clients, building up relationships to provide added value and trust to achieve better results.

Quite honestly, we find it fun and rewarding working with people in different industries to understand how best to utilise the software for their business. This client focus ethos has been with the company since we started and will remain the cornerstone of Unitas as we move forward.


Our Experience

The Unitas Connect solution is based on two decades of experience developing client server and web based systems. We have the right people with the right skills, gained through real experience of undertaking large scale mission critical projects.


Our Approach

Having implemented and managed these programmes, we have a collection of processes, tools and templates which have been highly effective. Our approach and collaborative style is to work with your people where appropriate, ensuring knowledge transfer as the processes are developed and the solution is implemented.


Our Process

Perhaps most importantly, our approach to the implementation is not purely a technical one. Our approach and mindset would look to actively understand your key business requirements, translate these to operational processes and then implement the technology to support these processes.

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