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Customer Friendly

Easy to use

Unitas Connect is built with the user in mind making it really easy to use. All forms, buttons, tables, graphs and reports will already be familiar, enabling quick rollout across the organisation.


Each module is designed in a structured layout to be similar to the next. When you master one module, you’ll have mastered them all.

Safe & Secure

The software is accessed over an encrypted connection similar to how you access internet banking. This ensures your data is safe.

Cloud Based

The cloud offers competitive advantages over traditional software systems allowing organisations to consolidate and streamline internal systems and processes whilst reducing costs.

Quick to Implement

Cloud based means no installation of software required. Simply send the user a website address to log in.


The cloud based platform lowers infrastructure costs and removes the need for costly remote installations.

Powerful Software


Unitas Connect enables you to monitor centrally whilst allowing visibility to all involved ,internally or externally, to get the information they need. No more emails or phone calls to keep up to date.


The software can be delivered in your local language. This has already been achieved in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian and Turkish. If your organisation needs multiple languages that’s ok too.


Poultry manager can operate on iPads, iPhones, desktops, laptops and android phones. This reduces your need for any special handheld device for data collection.


Easy collaboration is what makes Unitas Connect unique. Organisations can connect departments and people to collaborate using a single platform.

Central Visibility

Unitas Connect allows processes, data capture, and reporting to managed centrally. Tasks forms can be assigned and scheduled while exception and dashboard analysis provides the big picture and detailed views.

Local visibility

Involves everyone in success of the overall business.  Better visibility of connected areas enables local, often distributed, staff to benchmark  against standards stimulating improved quality and performance.

Action Driven Compliance


Unitas connect allows for internal, regulatory and customer compliance to be controlled centrally. Connect, automate, measure, manage and comply with one solution.

Ultimate Traceability

Unitas Connect can link information from all areas providing current and historical visibility, ensuring compliance.

Action Driven

Automatic scheduling of tasks can be set up centrally and applied to each user automatically, ensuring compliance throughout the organisation.


Replace Spreadsheets

Unitas Connect centralises all data needs. Remove the need to have hundreds of spread sheets that are hard to manage and even harder to extract information from.

Replace Paper

Paper can be eliminated from the process and replaced with online data capture forms, giving visibility and search functionality for quick information retrieval.

Save Time

Access all your reports in one place, showing exactly what is happening in the organisation. No need to chase up or rekey old data.

Client Focused

Business Specialists

Unitas has been creating innovative IT solutions for a number of sectors since 1995 specialising in Agri-food, Public sector, manufacturing, Distribution and catering organisations.  We have deployed full ERP systems and unique niche products tailored to these industries.

Personal Service

We believe  our  success stems from our ability to provide strategic applications with first class client support and the versatility to adapt and evolve quickly to match client needs.

Development Partner

Unitas develops its own software. This makes it easy for us to adapt, extend and customise to match client needs, providing a seamless end-to-end solution that fits.

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