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E-Purchase to Pay

Unitas Purchase Manger is designed to address contract management, cataloguing and purchasing control requirements within organisations, particularly within the Public Sector.

Streamline Requisitions

Unitas Purchase Manager reduces the administrative tasks associated with manual requisitions, including filing, retrieving and moving paper. In addition, the system provides many less obvious benefits as users can track, find, and review their requisition status more efficiently online. The reduced time to reach order stage combined with enhanced requisition accuracy significantly impacts the number of incorrect deliveries and resultant returns.

Streamline Contract Management

Unitas Purchase Manager reduces the need for paper catalogues. Modifications to catalogue information can be immediately seen by the end user avoiding the need to republish whole sections of your catalogue. Contracts Manager provides additional cost saving benefits as users can now track, find, and report on contracts more efficiently.

Streamline Receiving

Unitas Purchase Manager reduces the need for paper and added administration associated with handling receipts. Rather than writing receipt discrepancies on delivery dockets and passing them back to a central office for processing, information can be captured online at the delivery point. There is no need for additional manual input and/or order matching as all the required information is already on the system and simply updated at time of receipt.

Streamline Supplier Interaction

Unitas Purchase Manager comes with a complete supplier side interaction capability. Orders can be delivered to via web, email, EDI, XML and fax. This provides the supplier with the facility to import orders directly into their internal financial solutions without the need to rekey orders.
Up to the minute analysis can be performed to identify operational problems resulting from under supplying, delivering late or substituting products. Any issues occurring at this stage are reported back to the vendor electronically. This unique supply-chain information flow can quickly reduce problems in the field therefore reducing cost of credit notes and associated administration.

Streamline Payment

Pay the correct amount at the agreed price within budget and analyse your costs by cost centres and individual GL amounts. A large amount of customer’s cost in purchasing products is not necessarily the value of the goods.
Processing and handling large volumes of Invoices /Credit notes can result in massive admin costs. Using Unitas Purchase Manager this cost can dramatically be reduced – no more paper matching at head office – let staff at the outlets enter what they received and create the payment file from this information.

Streamline Analysis

View and compare your monthly purchases based on value, weight, and quantity using the Unitas Purchase Analysis module. The Unitas system also has supplier side analysis features. Using the same information and accounting calendar, the supplier can view the same information.

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