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Unitas Audit 360°

Audits Streamlined

Unitas provides a single, collaborative solution for everyone involved in the audit process. Clients use the solution for HACCP, Systems, Welfare, Allergen and traceability audits for large retailers. Auditor’s key or hand write evidence against standards. Upon audit completion non-compliance reports are generated immediately. Centralised workflow enables crucial corrective and preventative action to be easily monitored.

Non compliance Managed

Once action is taken signatures can be captured in adherence of legal requirements.

Dashboards provide a consolidated overview for all users and locations involved in the process, including monitor deadlines and non- conformances.

Vendor & Farms Audits

Centralise vendor audits and set deadlines for follow up action to be completed. The unique software has been developed specifically to cover farm, factory and vendor audits.

Suppliers log corrective actions for verification into the centralised solution to consolidate audit reporting requirements.

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